Monday, March 25, 2013

Blogging: Money Maker?

I made money today off of this blog. A total of 97 cents.

That's 97 cents, that's one donut my body doesn't need. Even though I seem excited about making a ridiculous small amount of money online, I never thought I'd get a nickel out of Google. I think I'm more surprised than excited really.

Realistically the optimal time to make money in blogging was back in early 2000's, when people like Darren Rowse were quote, "in the right place at the right time". I feel like I just got into a bar and it's last call.

I have no illusions that my Blog will ever make more than a handful of donuts, but frankly I'm okay with this. As Rowese puts it "reality is between these two extremes" referring to a small minority of people who make blogging a career, and everyone else.

This concept is not much unlike YouTube, as for every Ray William Johnson (I hate that guys show) there's a million nobodies. The market of bloggers and YouTubers is extremely over saturated. It reminds me of my graduation ceremony in late 2007, when my professors eagerly tried to paint a positive spin on the job market and recession. Saying that as creative, and capable journalists the market was not dying but evolving into new areas of growth. Thus the responsibility was on us as recent grads to create work for ourselves. That to me was like telling someone to go to Hollywood and try their shot at being an actor. For every person who was successful, there's entire cities of people who failed. That's why this is something I do for personal enjoyment.

Below is a link to the post about making money blogging, by Darren Rowse. It provides an interesting perspective from someone who actually turned this into an unlikely career.

Below is a conversation I had about my "fat stack". 

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