Thursday, March 21, 2013

WIND Mobile: For Sale?

Recently some of my peers have commented on my previous blog, where I accuse WIND of providing an inconsistent service. Interestingly enough a couple days later, I read an article in the Toronto Star that stated "Wireless carrier Wind Mobile up for sale".

I recently spoke about an important role WIND has played in creating competition and forcing the Big 3 to loosen their grip on our wallets. However, I believe I was also fair in my criticisms of WIND and the service they provide. Some people may be asking themselves, well how can you support WIND but criticize them at the same time?

It's simple. For example, I think BlackBerry as a company is good for Canada, as it helps promote jobs and and a sector that provides growth to various communities and cities throughout Canada. Exporting technology is something all countries "should" strive for. However, would I ever personally go out and buy a BlackBerry? Probably not, as it's not my cup of tea. It's about separating personal and professional feelings. People need to recognize what's good for them as an individual, and what's good for all of us. WIND is a perfect example of this. WIND wasn't good for me as a service provider, but its existence is beneficial to all consumers in Canada.

With the sale of Wind Mobile, raises some interesting questions in regards to who is going to end up buying the mobile carrier. For all of our sakes, I hope the government and CRTC make it clear that the big 3 will have no part in the purchasing or joint ownership of Wind Mobile. After all WIND's existence is largely in part of the federal government trying to spark competition between the Big 3 mobile carriers by introducing a 4th carrier.

I hope WIND was two steps forward, instead of one step forward and one step backwards.

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