Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HBO GO: Considering a new business model

I posted recently that HBO needs to re-consider its business model to offer HBO GO as a separate service. People are more frequently parting ways with traditional cable service, as a way to cut costs and find alternative sources for their media. I'm glad to have come across an article that states the CEO at HBO is considering this idea. It might not be a definite, but it it does send signals that the company is listening to their customers, or future ones for that matter.

The website and app still isn't offered  in Canada, but changing a business model for American customers means changing the business model for Canadians - whenever Canadian consumers will have access to it.

Companies hopefully learned that there is a real threat of becoming dated and obscure when it comes to technology and services. Netflix buried Blockbuster. There is a real threat of piracy undermining the development of some really great programs on HBO. At the same time HBO has to be flexible with its customers, and realizing that people just aren't purchasing traditional cable services that limit the customers ability to watch media on various devices will continue to push people away.

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