Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why you might not want to purchase Twitter followers

Clout is influence or power in regards to business or politics. When a person goes out and buys Twitter followers, what they're trying to do is buy clout. However, you can't buy real power or influence.

Is buying followers the same as buying advertisement? 

Not exactly, purchasing advertisement seeks to promote a product, idea, or thing. There's a purpose to advertisement. It also hopefully targets a specific group or audience. Buying Twitter followers is a shotgun approach to getting noticed. For those who don't know what I mean by shotgun approach, I mean that if you shoot enough times you'll eventually hit something.

Buying Twitter followers does help promote yourself in some capacity. Sites like TwitterWind or Fiverr sell followers for as little as $5. People put stock in what others do and think. If 100,000 people follow you on Twitter it is likely to assume that others will see this and make assumptions about your status, and popularity. Unfortunately people buy into this and you may temporarily get more followers than you anticipated. I use the number 100,000 arbitrarily, as it could be 5000, 35,000, etcetera. It doesn't really matter.

Having a large Twitter following does not dictate that your thoughts, or opinions are that of substance. Some celebrities and famous people prove this point day in and day out. #verbaldiarrhea

Having 100,000 followers is a double edged sword

For those who have 100,000 followers it is likely that they had to follow each and every person in order for them to follow you back. Do you know what it's like having 100,000 people post Twitter updates? It would likely be unbearable. I don't think a person could legitimately use the service any longer. Twitter to that person would become a one way conversation, where they talk and do not listen. Things would get lost in the shuffle - things you probably care about.

The numbers of followers you have is a diminishing value

The number of followers you have will continually shrink as people start to realize they don't care what you think or say. Lots of companies who sell followers 'promise' that the followers they get for you will be permanent ones. It's a farce, no such claim is real. The only way in which this is possible, is if your followers are fake accounts As a courtesy I will generally follow people who follow me, however I put everyone on probation. I assume most people like myself cut the cord with followers who fill up their feed. Cutting the cord with a complete stranger is 100% easier than cutting the cord with someone you know in real life. It's equatable to deleting a mutual acquittance you met one time ten years ago off your Facebook friend's list. The backlash is going to be minimal, if anything at all.

It's extremely easy to get a follower, and ten times harder to keep them. The legit way to do it is a lot harder. Although, if you do it the right way your influence and power will grow slowly over time. I think it's better to have 50 people give a shit about what you say, as opposed to having 100,000 followers - and maybe ten of them actually care about your thoughts and opinions.

Quality, not quantity.

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