Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forcing A Child to Parent | New Law in China

Being a parent is both an obligation and choice, being a child is not. When a person has a child they are responsible "up to a point" to provide for the care and development of that child. The choice of having that child falls completely on the parents. However, China doesn't see it that way;

China's national legislature recently amended a law that "forces" the adult-child to provide care to their elderly parents. The law requires that the child visit their elderly parents "often", or risk being sued by them. The amendment does not specify how many visits are required.

China has a problem providing for the care of their elderly, but dumping the responsibility on a single person to care for two people is unrealistic, unfair, and tramples all over that person's individual rights. Why this responsibility would fall on one child, is because of China's one-child policy. This policy states that the vast majority of "urban" parents are only allowed to have one child.

I will "choose" to assist my parents as they begin to age, as this is a "choice". This is not, and hopefully never will be a legal obligation - as it is a personal and moral belief. We reap what we sow, and this is very true for parents who have neglected, abused, or failed to provide support to their children. Smart parents realize that one day they will likely need the help and support of their children, so there is an incentive besides loving your kids, cause they're your kids to maintain strong and healthy relationships with your offspring. Forcing the reward without the work is a backwards way at looking at parenting.

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