Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Game of Thrones Season III

Season three of Game of Thrones is schedule to be released on March 31st. This highly anticipated show broke record download numbers last season, as it was most pirated show in 2012 - boasting numbers of over 4 million downloads for a single episode.

The affects of this is felt differently throughout the cast and crew. Some notable actors, such as Nicolaj Coster-Waldu who plays the character Jamie Lannister, was quoted during a BBC interview as saying "at the end of the day it's stealing" - noting that there was an initial part of him that was thrilled about the positive reception the show has had via online downloading.

One of the show's directors, David Petrarca noted that this "might not be a bad thing". Petrarca suggested that this may do more good than harm, as he was quoted during a panel discussion at the University of Western Australia by saying shows such as these survive on a "cultural buzz", and benefit from exposure, noting that "this is how they survive".

I applaud HBO for taking on big projects such as Game of Thrones, and I as a viewer realize the cost and scope of a production such as this. Each episode is a multiple-million dollar production. HBO had to previously cancel production of ROME, due to low viewership and extensive budget costs. Many people were opting to pirate the show, as opposed to purchasing an HBO subscription. I'm hoping this won't happen to Game of Thrones. Hopefully this also changes some minds at HBO in regards to giving up their "exclusive rights" to the show, and looking for creative ways to create revenue.

HBO GO is HBO's website and mobile 'app' that allows subscribers to view over 600 hours of content. Currently users in Canada who subscribe to the movie network or HBO do not have access to this service. An idea that has been suggested - one which I personally support is making HBO GO a service that can be purchased separately. This would mean a person would not have to purchase a TV subscription to HBO to receive HBO GO. Users who prefer to watch content online would pay for the service they use, and at the same time support television they actually want to watch. 


Actor: Ciarán Hinds
Character: Mance Rayder

Bio: Most notably known for his role in HBO's Rome, as Julius Caesar. For those who never saw ROME, you may also recognize him from the movie Tinker Tailor Solider Spy. As an actor Hinds is capable of powerful emotional outbursts, and well delivered monologues. I didn't initially recognize Hinds in part two of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. However, after looking into Hinds acting background it turns out he played Aberforth, Albus Dumbledore's brother. In Game of Throne's Hinds takes on the role of Mance Rayder, a former member of the Nights Watch and the current "king-beyond-the-wall". Mance is clever, intellectual, and capable. Anyone who has read some of a Song of Ice and Fire can attest to the depth that went into creating this character. 

Actor: Tobias Menzies
Character: Edmure Tully

Bio: Tobias Menzies and Ciarán Hinds share several things in common, first that they are both from the United Kingdom. Secondly they both had major roles in HBO's Rome, as Menzies played Brutus - Caesar's most famous assassin. Since Rome Menzies had played various small roles in both television and film. In Game of Thrones Menzies will take on the role of Edmure Tully, son of Lord Hoster Tully. Edmure is currently inline to become Lord of Riverrun. Edmure is Catelyn Stark's younger brother. Edmure grew up with Petyr Baelish, as his family fostered the young Baelish. Edmure was the first to give Baelish the nickname "little finger".

Actor: Clive Russell
Character: Brynden "Blackfish" Tully

Bio: Clive Russel is another British actor, but I swear he wasn't in ROME. He's worked on various television shows mostly in the UK, including a brief stint on Coronation Street. This British actor is not known to many Canadian viewers, however his acting work in the UK has given him a reputation of being a talented, and well respected actor. Brynden, or Blackfish is an interesting character as he believes in honor and duty, but personal conflicts with his older brother Lord Hoster Tully have previously distanced him from his family. Blackfish plays a role in the first two books, assisting his nephew Robb Stark on his war council and commanding various battles.

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